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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Olive22/Female/United States Groups :icontwistedfates-series: TwistedFates-series
7 years and still going! @A@
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Commissions are OPEN until June 1st, 2015

hi, i am orribu

Waifu:heart: || Sissu:heart:

Hallo it is me orribu! I am a sweet, funny, dumb artist who loves to share her passion with the world and stuff like that. Probs gonna work more on this profile later but for now I hope you enjoy your stay. <3

STATUS: Sloth.


Next stream: Regular // ???
NSFW // ???
Stream Channel

Status Translations:
*Inanimate: Probs not workin' on anything.
*Sloth: Working so slow that time stops in my not office.
*Turtle: Working slowly, usually on w/e I'd like.
*Casual: Working a bit faster, possibly on obligations.

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Rest in Peace, Kitty.

In loving memory of Terry the kitty.
My fiance and I found him on the cold, rainy night before Thanksgiving last year. He was very small, trembling and skittish. After we bathed him that night and took him home the next day, he turned out to be one of the most adventurous, brave little kittens. He was the first kitten I named and raised.
Terry, I miss you so much. Please wait for me.

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Hello Cuties.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 12:10 PM

Few Updates here, bbies. <3

First thing's first: we've reached our goal of $20 on Patreon! So now you guys can display this little button on your profile if you want to show off how AWESOME we're doing.
Second Goal Patreon Icon by orribu
Along with the link

So here's what's been unlocked:
  1. Chibi giveaway at the end of this month! (April 2015)
  2. Meetup with orribu IRL! Already we have 11 members so that's super exciting. 
I've decided to take away the initiative of "unlocking" Hybrid at this goal point. Like... in general. I don't know, I don't feel like I should try to make money off of it. I mean I'm pouring my talents and love into it but I'm not sure. So on that note, after these last two pages, I'm not sure of the fate of Hybrid.

SO! Few things I wanted to talk to you cuties about.


Commissions will be closing in June, so if you guys were ever interested in supporting me and getting my silly arts, it's time to start planning. Of course Patrons will still get their custom art, but yeah! I gotta work on me marketing.

MMX: Hybrid

As you probably have guessed, the prologue of Hybrid is coming to a close. I have just two pages left that I'm hoping to finish before the month's out. After that, I'm not sure. I really do want to put up the option for people if they really want to support me. At the same time, again, I don't feel like I deserve a financial cut. Part of me doesn't, anyway. The thing that sucks is I keep thinking about how cool it'd be as an animated series. Problem is-- I have a novel and an RPG to work on. I need to give my own project some love, too. So... it's up in the air. Don't wanna push myself to make this kind of stuff for nothing. OTL

The 2nd TwistedFates Novel

This one is both easy and complicated to explain at the exact same time. I'm in the first editing stage of the novel and as such have run into a lot of errors that either require filling in or replacing. It's taking a lot longer than I thought but I hope to make something you guys can be proud of. I want to make it free to read online and then whoever wants to donate or purchase the paperback can get bonuses. I'm thinking... bonus bookmarks and sketches that no one else is gonna see until probably the end of this year. I might make it a small thing to pay like... idk fuckin 10 points or something, and then you guys can read the full novel.

"Why all this talk about finances?"

I need to tell you guys something. It's... SUPER personal. With my psychological complications, I need to be in certain environments. Mostly, ones that aren't toxic. It's a struggle, you know? Being on that roller coaster where one second you're giggling with the other members of the house and the next they're throwing molotov cocktails at you. Brittu and I really want to save up to get our own place. I've been job searching to no end but getting nothing but "sorry you're not qualified enough". It's really discouraging. So, what I'm hoping to do is both save up to move out with my fiance and our stupid cat, and support us financially. 
So yeah! That's why there's no end of financial talk in this stupid journal. I know I'm not the only artist in this sitch, but by golly I just want to finally spring forth from the dark clouds looming over my head. I want to get married. I wanna have my own house, my own car (and driver's license). I want to kickstart my small business and produce animations and books, and games! Until then I'm just a dumb shit purchasing supplies for things like jewelry making and selling absolutely none of the product. 


The good news?

Guess who started their second sketch journal? ;3
Last time, I made a sketch journal that my friend won because he donated $50 bucks. This time, especially with uh all my small experiments, I hope to give this to the top patron. So yeah! More updates on that later. <3

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Skin by UszatyArbuz


Hey you cuties. Just wanna leave some random love.
i think my second novel will come out in late spring/early summer.
The bulk of the job search is ON! As such I'm hoping that I can follow through with any works I want to finish before then, as I might not have as much time to work on art. I shall keep you posted!


orribu has started a donation pool!
40 / 10,000

Hi, cutie! <3
Donate if you'd like a hug!

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DJ-PorcelainStudios Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
;3 I need to catch you streaming one day Olives <33 Btw, (just in case I missed) when is your birthday? I will draw you a birthday chibi of your chosing <333 I've realllly taken a liking to doing chibis lately XD. 
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emmy4852 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the points <3 It means a lot
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Hello! Thank you for the fav, have a wonderful (soon to be) weekend :sun:
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