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7 years and still going! @A@
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Commissions are OPEN until July 31st, 2015

GOAL: $20/$1000
Paying off part of my student loans. If I don't pay them I'll end up in super bad debt. ;;
More info-->

hi, i am orribu

Waifu:heart: || Sissu:heart:

Hallo it is me orribu! I am a sweet, funny, dumb artist who loves to share her passion with the world and stuff like that. Probs gonna work more on this profile later but for now I hope you enjoy your stay. <3

STATUS: Casual.

To Do:

-chibi giveaway prize for Clover1
-.introspection. print
-some form of YOUTUBE?!
-New Patreon video

Next stream: Regular // ???
NSFW // ???
Stream Channel

Status Translations:
*Inanimate: Probs not workin' on anything.
*Sloth: Working so slow that time stops in my not office.
*Turtle: Working slowly, usually on w/e I'd like.
*Casual: Working a bit faster, possibly on obligations.

Background by Gasara; Luck Gallery Icons ; pixel progress bars by huina ; Custom box resources provided by SimplySilent and CypherVisor

Rest in Peace, Kitty.

In loving memory of Terry the kitty.
My fiance and I found him on the cold, rainy night before Thanksgiving last year. He was very small, trembling and skittish. After we bathed him that night and took him home the next day, he turned out to be one of the most adventurous, brave little kittens. He was the first kitten I named and raised.
Terry, I miss you so much. Please wait for me.

Want to aid in the fight against FIP?
90% of revenue from the stickers will be donated to UC Davis and SOCKFIP!


Quick Headshots (5 left)
Weekly trivia Prize: Clover1 by orribu
I need sketching+coloring practice, so this will be a thing. 5 slots left!
Don't forget to Pay the Lady!
If you're using points to purchase an adopt, please pay here. ^_^


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Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 6:51 PM

So UltraLiThematic tagged me. And I'm probs not gonna tag anyone because hhhhlazy.


1) You must post these rules (DONE!)
2) Share 10 facts about yourself (SURE :3)
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag (OK)
4) Choose 10 people and tag them. (NU)
5) No tag-backs. (N/A)


1. Are you a student or a worker? What major do you took or what jobs are you doing right now?
Well I was a student. Not a worker at the moment. I studied as an animation major for a whopping 1 1/3 years at the University of the Arts. Then I got sick. Then I moved to California. o/

2. Most important things you always carry everywhere and  why?
Wallet, phone, planner, pencils, sketchbook, and my 3DS for STREETPASS! >:3

3. Do you have a pet?
One who's with me. His name is Ash/Mr. Cat. He's 4 years old and has an identity crisis. o/
The other is Terry, who will live on in my heart forever, also a cat. He changed my life.

4. What are you most afraid of?
Hurting someone. Someone hurting me. Falling. Dying. Rejection. Loud noises. Angry people. Being robbed. Getting in a(nother) car accident. Disappointing people. Losing those I love. Fast moving small living objects. That come at me. The toaster. Drowning. 

5. What are your goals in life?
I gave up on the art team business. I just want to get to that point where I'm content/happy: have a house, a steady career, a happy family, and a somewhat successful small business going. (Storenvy). I also dream of the day that I'm some hot shot on patreon. Or something.

6. Who is your idol or inspiration in life?
Gosh. This is a hard one. To be honest, everyone's inspired me in some way, for better or for worse. Half the time I wouldn't really do things... things if not for you guys. Then there are people like Markiplier-- people who are genuine and beautiful to others even from their pedestal made of diamond that will never probably see me in the giant crowd of admirers anyway but I still hold on to that hope they'll at least see my afro. There's my mother, who's supported me even when I made decisions that weren't the best. Even though I'm gay. Even though I gunned for a career in art instead of a doctor. There's my fiance, who inspires me to keep at creating and bettering myself as a human being, to apply for jobs so that we can support our little family of 3. There's my kitten Terry (Rest in Peace), who inspired me to open my heart up to animals a lot more. So... there's a lot. My main aspiration is to make all of you proud.

7. What is your most favorites artwork you ever make? (can be illustration, handicraft, etc, as long as it arts)

 Commission: Val-   Dance Like Jake the Dog by orribu MMX: Hybrid- Three's a Crowd! by orribu Solar Eclipse: Luna by orribu Solar Eclipse: Ravi [Floating Animation] by orribu :.TwF.: (Crossover) Puppet. by orribu

:.TwF.: Lady Karma (Heart) by orribu :.TwF.: Don't Worry. by orribu

8. How do you find inspirations or motivations to make art?
To cope, to meditate, to tell a story. Ever since I was a small baby falling down stairs I've aspired to share my work with people. I love the feedback and the sense of togetherness I can sometimes pull off in that aspect. So really, I guess I just... I want to impress people. Bunny Emoji-38 (Cutie) [V2] by Jerikuto
Fun fact though-- Naginata's current identity was created to help me cope with death and my depression. Wrap your head around that. *shrug*

9. What talents or skills are you most proud of?
Hm. Well I tend to leave a good impression on people because I'm so friendly and stuff. Also people say I'm good at designing... things and telling stories, even though I'm calling bullshit Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] by Jerikuto

10. Things you want to have it but you can't have it?
My own art studio company thing.
A billion dollars.
For (several) senpais to notice me.

(And also a nice home and for this PTSD and depression to go away and my student loans to fuck themselves and a lime green Volkswagen Beetle and a job in Patreon/an indie gaming company and my own episode of MTV Cribs)

....toodles.Bunny Emoji-28 (Waving) [V2] by Jerikuto

(also on that note, check out my stupid blog. Yeahhhhhhhhhh Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] by Jerikuto)

-1 chibi giveaway prize for Clover1
-.introspection. novel (print)
-Some form of YOUTUBE?!


Today I found out that I inspired someone. It was a pleasant surprise, and it humbles me to know that people look at me for... well, any source of inspiration. Thank you. :heart:
Hellu loves. Had to cut the stream short due to technical and heart problems. So sorry about this; I should get in control of my sitch and get a schedule going...
gosh I'm so sorry.
Hey you cuties. Just wanna leave some random love.


orribu has started a donation pool!
41 / 10,000

Hi, cutie! <3
Donate if you'd like a hug!

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Ĺ̢̝̣̬o̱̳͚͕̰͉̫̗ͬ̊̒ͣ͑̚͘͢͞n̶̙͇̥͇̞̂̏ͩ̿̒͞g̤̃ͯͬͯ̏̚̚͘͡ ̶̛͈͎̘̭̩̘̻ͯͫ͛L̮͕͓͓̲̥͍̦̻̇͆̅̀į̖̻͖͉̫̂̾̊͢vͣ̑͊̐͌͝͡҉̮̩̥̞͙̩̮e̯̬̻̞ͯ̾͊ͩ̋ͮ̄̚ͅ ̫̫̼͚̍̿ͮͭ͂͜͡͡C̵̨̖̬͍͖̥̹̝̟ͨ̉ͧ̉ò̦̫̯̘͂́͜r̞̩͓̩̖̦ͨͨ̓ͤ̕r̷̮̣͎̞͕̳ͮ̎ͦ͑̔̉ͥͯu̜̣͇̬͖̙̒ͨ͝͝ͅp̸̐̌͌͏̱̞̜̘͠t̶̡̙̩̭̥͑̓̓ͧi̡̢͈̮̤ͬ̋̈̅ͨ͡o̵̩̪͎͂̑͠n͊̋͏̩͉̻̻̺̗͔͝~̛̭̝̯̪̥̿͂ͥͬ͛~̲̠̘̔̂̃̏́
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MemorialComics Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Student Filmographer
Happy b day form Memorical comics you mean alot to us 
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jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
..a very happy birthday to you miss...hope your special day is filled with joy...=3
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Btw im also djporcelain!
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AngelicTruffles Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happppy birtbdayyyy oliiiiiives :3…
Im going to flip it when I get my laptop back!
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