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7 years and still going! @A@
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Commissions are OPEN until June 30th, 2015


hi, i am orribu

Waifu:heart: || Sissu:heart:

Hallo it is me orribu! I am a sweet, funny, dumb artist who loves to share her passion with the world and stuff like that. Probs gonna work more on this profile later but for now I hope you enjoy your stay. <3

STATUS: Casual.

To Do:

-chibi giveaway prize for Clover1
-.introspection. print
-New Patreon video

Next stream: Regular // ???
NSFW // ???

Status Translations:
*Inanimate: Probs not workin' on anything.
*Sloth: Working so slow that time stops in my not office.
*Turtle: Working slowly, usually on w/e I'd like.
*Casual: Working a bit faster, possibly on obligations.

Background by Gasara; Luck Gallery Icons ; pixel progress bars by huina ; Custom box resources provided by SimplySilent and CypherVisor

Rest in Peace, Kitty.

In loving memory of Terry the kitty.
My fiance and I found him on the cold, rainy night before Thanksgiving last year. He was very small, trembling and skittish. After we bathed him that night and took him home the next day, he turned out to be one of the most adventurous, brave little kittens. He was the first kitten I named and raised.
Terry, I miss you so much. Please wait for me.

Want to aid in the fight against FIP?
90% of revenue from the stickers will be donated to UC Davis and SOCKFIP!


Quick Headshots (5 left)
Weekly trivia Prize: Clover1 by orribu
I need sketching+coloring practice, so this will be a thing. 5 slots left!
Don't forget to Pay the Lady!
If you're using points to purchase an adopt, please pay here. ^_^


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Signal Boost: Central City Comic Con!

Mon Jun 29, 2015, 11:06 AM

Hey you beautiful peoples! Anyone live in the general vicinity of the Washington, USA? There's an awesome convention debuting this October in Yakima, Washington. I'd totally go but I can't afford travel+etc and I'm positive LBCC's gonna leave me more broke than anything. ; w; ;;

Today and tomorrow are the last days to get a discounted spot at the Artist's Alley. I was invited on by one of the members of the board of directors. Like that's super freaking COOL. SO HONORED. I super wish I could go. T___T <3
But hey, if you can do me a solid and spread word about this that would be super freaking cool <3
Central City Comic Con in Yakima, WashingtonI don't know how many of you I follow are in Washington, or the Pacific Northwest, but I'm sure some of you are.
My home town (and MamaGizzy's as well) is having our very first comic con this OCTOBER.
So I'm writing this journal to let you all know how excited I am!!
Also, if any of you wanted to come, and maybe join the artist alley, I'm going to share what information is available as of today. I might keep this journal up-to-date with guest announcements as they roll in too!

So first off!
The official Website, facebook, tumblr and twitter links:

Anyone interested in artist alley, here is the link to the information:
:new: For June only there is a discout for Artist Alley tables (which inclu

That's the journal that needs signal boosting. :3
And if you have any questions, please contact xRaeylx ! C:


Commissions close in 3 days! Grab em while you still can.
Today I found out that I inspired someone. It was a pleasant surprise, and it humbles me to know that people look at me for... well, any source of inspiration. Thank you. :heart:
Hellu loves. Had to cut the stream short due to technical and heart problems. So sorry about this; I should get in control of my sitch and get a schedule going...
gosh I'm so sorry.


orribu has started a donation pool!
399 / 10,000

Hi, cutie! <3
Donate if you'd like a hug!

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SubzeroChimera Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
 ...I think we were still talking about an art trade at somepoint...?I could do a corrupted jinouga for you in exchange for something else?Still want to do that?I'm bored XD
(1 Reply)
UltraLiThematic Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Ĺ̢̝̣̬o̱̳͚͕̰͉̫̗ͬ̊̒ͣ͑̚͘͢͞n̶̙͇̥͇̞̂̏ͩ̿̒͞g̤̃ͯͬͯ̏̚̚͘͡ ̶̛͈͎̘̭̩̘̻ͯͫ͛L̮͕͓͓̲̥͍̦̻̇͆̅̀į̖̻͖͉̫̂̾̊͢vͣ̑͊̐͌͝͡҉̮̩̥̞͙̩̮e̯̬̻̞ͯ̾͊ͩ̋ͮ̄̚ͅ ̫̫̼͚̍̿ͮͭ͂͜͡͡C̵̨̖̬͍͖̥̹̝̟ͨ̉ͧ̉ò̦̫̯̘͂́͜r̞̩͓̩̖̦ͨͨ̓ͤ̕r̷̮̣͎̞͕̳ͮ̎ͦ͑̔̉ͥͯu̜̣͇̬͖̙̒ͨ͝͝ͅp̸̐̌͌͏̱̞̜̘͠t̶̡̙̩̭̥͑̓̓ͧi̡̢͈̮̤ͬ̋̈̅ͨ͡o̵̩̪͎͂̑͠n͊̋͏̩͉̻̻̺̗͔͝~̛̭̝̯̪̥̿͂ͥͬ͛~̲̠̘̔̂̃̏́  

Ĺ̢̝̣̬o̱̳͚͕̰͉̫̗ͬ̊̒ͣ͑̚͘͢͞n̶̙͇̥͇̞̂̏ͩ̿̒͞g̤̃ͯͬͯ̏̚̚͘͡ ̶̛͈͎̘̭̩̘̻ͯͫ͛L̮͕͓͓̲̥͍̦̻̇͆̅̀į̖̻͖͉̫̂̾̊͢vͣ̑͊̐͌͝͡҉̮̩̥̞͙̩̮e̯̬̻̞ͯ̾͊ͩ̋ͮ̄̚ͅ ̫̫̼͚̍̿ͮͭ͂͜͡͡C̵̨̖̬͍͖̥̹̝̟ͨ̉ͧ̉ò̦̫̯̘͂́͜r̞̩͓̩̖̦ͨͨ̓ͤ̕r̷̮̣͎̞͕̳ͮ̎ͦ͑̔̉ͥͯu̜̣͇̬͖̙̒ͨ͝͝ͅp̸̐̌͌͏̱̞̜̘͠t̶̡̙̩̭̥͑̓̓ͧi̡̢͈̮̤ͬ̋̈̅ͨ͡o̵̩̪͎͂̑͠n͊̋͏̩͉̻̻̺̗͔͝~̛̭̝̯̪̥̿͂ͥͬ͛~̲̠̘̔̂̃̏́
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MemorialComics Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Student Filmographer
Happy b day form Memorical comics you mean alot to us 
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jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
..a very happy birthday to you miss...hope your special day is filled with joy...=3
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AngelicTruffles Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Btw im also djporcelain!
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